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Dean Vending is the leading music and game operator in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area. We specialize in promoting on-location participation through industry- best platforms, apps, tournaments and contests. We are here for the end-user, player, consumer of on-location entertainment. While we adapt to changing technologies we continue to promote, create participation and reward players for complete customer satisfaction.



Video games, Jukeboxes, Cranes, Pinballs, Dart, Pool, and Prize Games, are just a small fraction of the entertainment available to each of our customers. We can develop a custom plan to fit your needs, providing the best games to generate the most additional revenue for your business.


Whether its dart leagues, video game contests, online tournaments, state tournament or national tournaments, we have it all! Our number one differentiator is our ability to provide promotions, building a loyal community and added value.

Game Room Redemption Centers

Great for the young and old alike! Game rooms and arcades and family entertainment centers. Redemption centers can provide an opportunity to bring new customers through your door. We offer a wide variety of redemption games, prizes and services.


As an ATM service provider, we take pride in maintaining hundreds of ATMs throughout the
Minneapolis & St. Paul area. We will cover all the cash replenishment, settlements, maintenance, security, and deposit pickups and processing. Count on our ATM service to generate additional revenue for your business.

Dart Leagues

Dart leagues benefit your establishment.  With each signup, you will have more business in games, food and drink.  According to the National Dart Association,  every $1 in a game generates on average $5 in food and beverage.
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Partner Companies

We have partnered with TV advertising, background music, POS systems, financing, and more leading companies to provide added value to our customers. This value can provide additional revenue streams, increased sales, build social media, and maximize customer content.

Dean Vending: Who We Are

Video games, ATM's, Redemption Centers, and much more! Consider Dean Vending your one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs!

Dean Vending is the leading music and game operator in Minnesota.  We specialize in promoting on-location participation through industry-best tournaments and contests.  We are here for the end-user, player, consumer of on-location entertainment.  While we adapt to changing technologies we continue to promote, create participation and reward players for complete customer satisfaction.

Dean Vending provides all games including video, jukeboxes, darts, pool, redemption, ATM’s, and anything considered specialty.  “Coin-operated” equipment used to be our key word but now it’s “on-location entertainment.”


Our Values



With multiple promotional programs, we will help drive new customers into your business.



Unrivaled service is what sets us apart from other vendors.  We will maintain our equipment and make sure that there is as little of downtime as possible.


Your Partner

We partner with our customers to provide them with extra cash flow needed to run, and improve their guest experience.



With multiple service offerings, consider Dean Vending your one stop shop for all your entertainment needs in Minnesota.

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Highly Qualified Team


Shawn Dean


Shawn specializes in marketing and promotions for Dean Vending. Shawn has a degree in Investment Finance from Drake University. He worked for Bank of America as a Structured Products Analyst in their Bank Loan Asset Management Group before starting with Dean Vending. Now, Shawn serves as a board member for the industry’s national association, AMOA, and is president of the state association, MOMA. He is a founding member and president of Promo Nation, and a member of the MSPDA. Shawn lives with his wife, Anne and his three kids Henry, Charlie, and Amelia. His favorite arcade games are Paper Boy, Badlands and Golden Tee. With his experience and passion, Shawn continues to grow and enhance Dean Vending to the premier entertainment outfitter it is today.

Scott Dean


If you call the office, you’ll likely hear from Scott. He has his hands on all aspects of the company, from operations to bookkeeping. Scott has a degree in Finance and Insurance from Drake University. He worked with LaSalle Bank in their Global Cash Management Group before starting with Dean Vending. Scott helped transition the company from his uncle Paul Dean to himself and his brother Shawn. Scott lives with his wife, Amy and two kids, Colin and Kelsey. His favorite arcade game is Pole Position and Raiden. Scott makes sure that all operations are running smoothly and our service is superior.

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